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Water-based and hot melt industrial adhesives, coatings, sealing compounds for the metal packaging industry and UV varnishes. Our products are manufactured with natural and synthetic materials of the highest quality.

Hot Melt

Hot melts are 100% solid hot melt adhesives. We produce hot melts in different chemical bases such as EVA, EBA, metallocenes, thermoplastic rubbers (SIS, SBS, SEBS) and APAO.

We adapt to any type of technical specification and application system. Hot melts are present in markets such as industrial and food packaging, automotive, construction and bookbinding. Samtack has extensive experience in the manufacture of hot melts in all of them.


UV Products

At Samtack we manufacture and design UV products for different applications. We have a wide range of UV varnishes and UV adhesives.


UV varnishes: We mainly manufacture varnishes for the label and graphic arts sector. Our UV products are designed for flexo, screen and offset applications. Within our specialties are also present UV varnishes with low migration and free of benzophenone.

UV Adhesives: We design UV adhesives especially for lamination of plastic films in the label and graphic arts sector.


Sealing Compounds

We are also present in this specialized sector such as sealing compounds for metal containers, which serve to protect, isolate and hermetically seal the metal container.


We have a wide range of products for the food sector, specifically formulated for sealing round lids of metal cans for products such as vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and pet food.


The industrial range, specifically formulated for sealing round lids on metal containers for technical products such as varnishes, paints, lacquers, oils, fats, solvents, waxes, etc., and for food products without heat treatment.


Apart from the two main ones, we also have the ranges of sealants for irregular lids and PVC-based sealants.



Water-based dispersions are the great specialty of Samtack. Since the beginning of the company, Samtack has been a pioneer in betting on water-based adhesives in the lamination, packaging and graphic arts sector, promoting technological change towards more sustainable trends. Initiative that we are taking again, but this time for the flexible packaging market.

Water-based dispersions are multi-purpose adhesives that provide a great bond between different types of substrates in multiple applications. We have different technologies and specific polymers for the resolution of difficult adhesions. Customers choose our adhesives for quality and effectiveness in solving their problems.



The current challenges in the markets to reduce the consumption of plastics such as barrier coatings and heat-sealable film in the flexible packaging sector have led us to develop new solutions to replace these plastic films. Our R&D department is constantly evolving, designing water-based coatings with a barrier effect for different conditions. We have barrier coatings to: Water, fats, oils, water vapour, inks and solvents. Many of our products, apart from being barrier coatings, also have a heat-sealable function on different types of surfaces.


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